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Patrick Chun (Juxtapose) - What is an inception stage investment firm, why it’s less risky than modern venture capital, how he recruits CEOs to lead each business he incubates

June 23, 2022

Our guest today is Patrick Chun, Founding Partner of Juxtapose. Juxtapose is an inception stage investment firm. Some of the companies that they founded include Tend, Care/of, and Dayforward. Their process for how they build…

Patrick Schwarzenegger (MOSH) - Why he's creating the tools for a "mindstyle" lifestyle, why he co-founded a brain bar brand and how he got into angel investing in health and wellness brands

June 21, 2022

My guest today is Patrick Schwarzenegger, CEO and cofounder of Mosh. Mosh is a brain wellness brand co-founded by both Patrick and his mom, Maria Shriver. They’re on a mission to change the conversation about brain health th…

Ariana Thacker (Conscience VC) - What it means to invest in deep tech x consumer, How she raised her first VC fund, and Her definition of a moat

June 16, 2022

Our guest today is Ariana Thacker, founder of Conscience VC. Conscience invests into early-stage & science-led consumer startups. We’re going to discuss why science-led consumer startups is contrarian in itself, what are rea…

Paul Voge (Aura Bora) - Why he decided to found a sparkling water company with weird flavors, How he entered retail during COVID, and What perception he would change when founding a CPG business

June 14, 2022

Our guest today is Paul Voge, one of the founders and CEO of Aura Bora. Aura Bora is sparkling water made from real herbs, fruits, and flowers for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings. The flavors are definitely one of kind …

Joe Marchese (Human Ventures) - What marketing channels brands overlook, how to partner with founders and build investment firms

June 8, 2022

Our guest today is Joe Marchese, who is a serial entrepreneur and has started a few VC funds including Human Ventures, Casa Komos, Groundswell, True X, Reserve and Attention Capital. His resume is pretty wild. Joe has alot o…

Matt Nichols (Commerce Ventures) - How Brands Can Leverage Web.3 to Build Community, The Future of Retail From a Crypto Lens, and Use Cases Where Web.3 Might Not Be Impactful

June 1, 2022

My guest today is Matt Nichols, founder of Commerce Ventures. They back entrepreneurs from every background building the infrastructure for tomorrow's industries. We focus our time deconstructing web.3 and how it could be im…