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Ollie Forsyth (Antler) - The New Creator Economy, Web3 and what social platforms are most vulnerable right now

Aug. 4, 2022

Our guest today is Ollie Forsyth, Global Community Manager and Investor at Antler. The global venture capital firm enabling and investing in the world's most exceptional people from the earliest stages. Ollie recently publis…

Mike Asem (M25) - Why the midwest the perfect place to launch and invest in consumer startups, diversity report insights and creating a VC board game

Aug. 2, 2022

Our guest today is Mike Asem, General Partner of M25. M25 is an early-stage venture firm based in Chicago, investing solely in companies headquartered in the Midwest. We discuss what movie got intrigued by venture capital, w…

Jeff Nobbs (Zero Acre Farms) - How he's changing cooking oil for the better

July 26, 2022

On today’s episode we’re talking about cooking oils. Thank you Craig Shapiro for the introduction to our guest today is Jeff Nobbs, who is the founder and CEO of Zero Acre Farms. Zero Acre Farms is on a mission to remove des…

Mark Achler (MATH Venture Partners) - How to Exit Right

July 21, 2022

My guest today is Mark Achler, who is a serial entrepreneur and Managing Partner at MATH Venture Partners. Recently he published his book that he co-wrote with Mert Iseri called Exit Right. which is about how to position and…

Justine Palefsky (Kindred) - How she created a travel community that led to a house swapping platform, how to construct a marketplace where your supply equals your demand, and approach to monetization

July 19, 2022

Our guest today is Justine Palefsky, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Kindred. Kindred is the trusted home swapping network and harnesses the power of community to allow you to travel more for less. We discuss the opportunity within…

Juan Pablo Cappello (Nue Life) - Ketamine and psychedelic therapy, what’s wrong with current healthcare incentives, and picking the right investment partners

July 14, 2022

Our guest today is Juan Pablo Cappello, founder of Nue Life. Nue Life is a mental wellness company that offers in-home ketamine therapy. This was a fascinating conversation about where our current healthcare system has faile…