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June 1, 2021

Ariel Kaye (Parachute) - Creating the leading brand in bedding and home decor

Ariel Kaye (Parachute) - Creating the leading brand in bedding and home decor

Our guest today is Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute. Parachute is a vertically integrated high end bedding company that is Designed in LA. Manufactured in Italy. Delivered directly to you. In this episode you'll learn how Ariel saw the opportunity to create a brand in bedding, approached an omni-channel strategy, managing her stores and business during COVID. Without further ado, here's Ariel.

You can follow Ariel on Twitter @arielkaye

Some of the questions I ask Ariel:

  1. What attracted you to consumer brands?
  2. What was the insight that led you to founding Parachute?
  3. What was missing from bedding?
  4. What was the competitive stack?
  5. What the supply chain could look like?
  6. What was your approach to brand design?
  7. How did you source your product?
  8. What was your launch strategy?
  9. How did you pick which SKUs to launch with?
  10. How did you pick distribution channels?
  11. What was your approach to retail and omnichannel?
  12. Why did you choose to go direct, creating your own stores?
  13. How do did you think about organic growth vs. paid?
  14. Approach to customer retention and building a dedicated audience.
  15. How did you think about expanding into other categories?
  16. How did you have to pivot during COVID?
  17. As we come out of COVID, what's on the horizon for Parachute?
  18. What was your approach to fundraising?
  19. What's one thing you would change about fundraising?
  20. What's one book that inspired you personally and one book that inspired you professionally?
  21. What's the best piece of advice that you've received?
  22. Don't sweat the small stuff
  23. What's one piece of advice that you have for founders?