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Aug. 24, 2020

Office Hour 2. David Goldberg (Corigin Ventures)

Office Hour 2. David Goldberg (Corigin Ventures)

This episode is part of a live recording Office Hour / AMA with David Goldberg.

David Goldberg is a General Partner at Corigin Ventures. Corigin Ventures is a New York based venture capital firm leading seed stage investments in the founders defining the future of daily living. Some of their investments include Perch Interactive, The Inside, Classpass and Imperfect Foods. If you enjoy this episode, check out David's proper podcast episode #35.

You can follow David on Twitter @davidrgoldberg. If you are a founder and working on something innovative, have a question you’d like to hear VCs or founders answer on the show you can DM him and follow me on Twitter @mikegelb. You can also follow for episode announcements @consumervc.

This episode is brought to you by Crunchfirm : a full-stack finance, accounting & CFO advisory partner focused exclusively on VC backed startups. Listeners get the first month free of their services, by emailing hello@crunchfirm.com. Listeners get the first month free.