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Great podcasts and guests across the consumer space

Mike Gelb’s ‘The Consumer VC’ is a fantastic resource for those folks interested in consumer-facing venture capital. As a fund manager based in Southeast Asia, I constantly find interesting talking points and insights here that are applicable to the larger global industry. He features great guests and I highly recommend his interviews. Thanks, Mike.

Awesome show

Great show, great questions, and great guests. I learned a ton listening .


Whether you’re well established in the VC world, or just getting started, this is a must-listen podcast for you! Mike does an incredible job leading engaging conversations with industry leaders who’ve actually experienced success themselves and every. single. episode. is jam-packed with helpful takeaways. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!


I’ve been a CEO for decades and have started several startups. But I always learn something from each episode of The Consumer VC. As good CEO is always studying his/her craft. That means ongoing reading, listening, and watching experts. Mike has them on in an entertaining format but very, very informative. Beside each person’s launch history and delving questions about practical tactics and overall strategies, I particularly like the book recommendations that are highlighted. And I always gain insights, even after decades of launches. Thank you.

Great Pod for Founders and investors in CPG

Amazing guests, great insight, highly recommend!


A must listen for anyone involved in or interested in the CPG space.

Super insightful interviews &

You can tell Mike puts a lot of thought into his interviews with the questions he asks and the detailed show notes he provides. With each episode, I walk away with nuggets of wisdom and Mike’s conversational interview style is a delight to listen to. Highly recommend!

Great podcast

Great host, great guests.. very informative Brad Baum, Llama Naturals

Best consumer focused podcast

Big fan of consumer VC! Mike always brings on the best and most interesting investors on the show. Def check it out

No better way to understand how VCs think

Mike brings on such incredible investors and facilitates thoughtful discussion. Love the show and excited to hear from the Vision Fund!

One of best consumer / investing podcasts

One of best places to get under the hood of consumer investing generally and go deep on specific verticals. When I’m searching for a VC I admire, they’ve more often than not been a guest on podcast!

My Go-To Podcast

The podcast is incredibly insightful. I love listening to it to learn more about Consumer categories I’m interested in, get a helpful intro to completely new sub-sectors, and also just to hear expert perspectives. Recently really enjoyed the episode with Carlton Fowler on alcohol / beverage


Best consumer - focused podcast put there

Mike asks all the right questions

As a founder in the Food & Beverage space, this podcast has been a staple of mine. It’s not only great to hear the unique perspectives of investors in the CPG space, but it’s also invaluable to hear about the journeys of fellow entrepreneurs. It’s been so helpful to hear how they got started and how they navigate production hurdles, fundraising, scaling, etc. A must listen with a great host and awesome guests, ranging from industry experts to newer entrepreneurs.

Great consumer VC access!

As an entrepreneur in the consumer packaged space it’s so nice to hear inside views from leading VCs and entrepreneurs in the industry. Great resource!

A lot of value here

I happen to have a fund in the consumer space and can say without a doubt this is one of the better pods out thereabouts the topic. I just dove into the Mindel a and Paley episodes and they are tackling some high level stuff here. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep on the “product vs platform vs product is example of platform” question”. It’s not the just guests, though they are excellent, Mike clearly has an understanding of the space and a plan with each episode. He knows what his audience is looking for and strives to give it to them-but in a way that makes them think for themselves. High marks all around. Keep up the good work!

Incredible content

I love this podcast. I am not in the consumer world, but even from a B2B perspective it gives me great insights into how our clients will be looking at issues and how their investors look at the space overall. 10/10 recommend this to anyone interested in starting a company or just interested in learning a great deal about the investing world!

Super Insightful!!!!

As a life long CPG guy I really appreciate the work that Mike is doing with The Consumer VC Podcast. Keep the episodes coming!!!!

Best of the Best

To get your unique insight into the universe of early stage investing and brands, there’s no better listen than this. Highly recommend for operators, investors, and consumers.

Best content

As an early stage founder, this is the most insightful podcast out there. Brings on A+ talent and always asks the right questions. I discovered the podcast about 2 months ago and have already listened to almost half. 5 stars every time.

Fantastic VC podcast!

This is definitely one of the best VC podcasts I’ve come across and love the focus on consumer specifically. It’s a great mix of technical knowledge and hearing the investor’s own journey in VC. Mike knows how to ask all the right questions!

Insightful and Interesting!

This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about early stage investing or a better understanding of the venture capital space. Excellent guests and always interesting!

Super Podcast

Being a food entrepreneur it’s a must listen - great host!

Must listen!

Must listen for anyone interested in early-stage consumer investing! One of my favorite podcasts. Great moderation and questions from Mike and fantastic guests. I always learn with great insights around consumer trends and venture investing.


One of my all time fav podcasts. Mike asks all the right questions and I am constantly impressed with his ability to have on the absolute best investors in the industry. Always entertaining and informative. I highly recommend.

My favorite podcast

If there’s one podcast to make time for, it’s this one. Mike asks the most thoughtful questions with an interesting and relevant array of guests in the world of consumer VC. Worth a listen.

Two thumbs up!

Fun, easy to digest, and informative content from great investors across the consumer landscape. Well done, Mike!

Consumer B2B2C

Mike gets literally everyone in the relevant VC space on, and asks them questions from a listener’s point of view. He asks what I want to know as a listener without asking me. It’s a definite enjoyable alternative and different value-add than the Twenty Minute VC, as you can listen to both without hearing very much overlap at all in my opinion. - Julian, Vibrantry.com (vibrant pantry) co-Founder

Love the investor perspective

As an investor in CPG, I’m constantly craving frameworks and insights from other investors in the space. Mike does a great job sourcing guests and quickly distilling how they look at the world. Thanks!!!