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Best Consumer Tech Podcast!

Mike has such a great selection of investors, this may be the best way to stay up to date on what’s top of mind for consumer investors/founders. I love the episodes, but be sure to also check out his AMAs! He’s killing it 🔥🔥

Great podcast for young business professional

I think this podcast is very informative and fun. It is a great way for young professionals to understand VC from real world perspectives. Mike is also very fun and very engaging. I love listening! :)

Awesome learnings!

As a start-up founder this podcast helps me tremendously in learning more about the vc landscape and the different players involved

All the right moves

i love this podcast, mike is making all the right moves. guests are top notch, and he gets right into the questions which are perfectly open ended so responses are really insightful. it’s a great podcast.

Consumer. Consumer. Consumer.

Simple format. Compelling interviews. Industry leading VCs and market leaders. This has been a vital resource for me as I transition from B2B enterprise to a consumer-first business. And don’t discredit Mike - he isn’t just a host, but full of experience himself.

Mike Gets It

Beyond refreshing to tune into a host that understands and loves his space as much as Mike does. This podcast is a treat for newcomers and seasoned investors alike.

A podcast this space has been looking for.

As a founder in the consumer tech industry (music tech –, I’ve long struggled to find targeted knowledge on venture investment in my market. Mike brings in some of the sharpest thinkers and takes the time to bring out constructive insights. Dive in!

Great for the consumer world

This podcast has a great focus on consumer. As a brand founder this is one of my top podcasts for getting the latest thoughts from others in the space.

A welcomed niche array of topics

The Consumer VC podcast gives wonderful insights, not only into VC and founder perspectives in consumer facing businesses, but on the psychology and decision-making processes of today’s current consumers.


This podcast is in my short list rotation. Extremely useful and entertaining. Top VCs in the world fired up by Mike’s questions and I always walk away with something I can use to better myself and/or business.

Must listen for anyone interested in Consumer Startup/Investing

Great show and original content. Mike does a great job of asking good questions and letting guests talk. He clearly does his homework before each episode, knows the spaces he take about well, and tailors his questions to the guests expertise/experience. When it comes to guests variety, Mike and the show excel. He’s brought on some of the top names in Consumer as well as people that get less attention but still bring excellent insights. 10/10 would recommend the show. It gets better every week and Mike is just getting started.

Great podcast!

Great podcast for all types of people: VCs, entrepreneurs, people just generally interested the space. Quick pace too.

Great podcast

This is a great podcast on the consumer startups ecosystem. Consumer VC is much different than software VC and this is the best podcast that explores this space.

The Real Deal

This show has quickly become my go-to for what to know in the VC community. Mike’s thoughtful questions and impressive guest list give relevant insights for any intellectually curious listener who aspires to understand the consumer industry.

Extremely interesting

Amazing podcast. This is a great place to learn more about VC in general and the specific nuances of the consumer industry. Mike is a great host and does a terrific job interviewing / asking thoughtful questions. Mike brings on unique guests and makes every episode worth the listen. Great work!

Superb podcast.

Discovered this podcast recently and it’s an excellent addition to consumer tech vc landscape. Great guests and thoughtful questions by Mike. Well worth a listen.

JW - Great pod!

Absolutely love this podcast. The interview questions are extremely smart and Mike does a great job bringing on such interesting speakers. I listen to every episode and absolutely love every minute of it! Would highly recommend the podcast to anyone interested not only in consumer vc, but venture capital in general. I was able to make a few connections to some of the interviewees via cold emailing them after listening to the episode they were featured on. Bottom line: amazing work and will continue to be a forever listener.

Great podcasts for startups

I love how mike and guests dive into real questions and we get to hear the “why” they do what they do for his guests. It feels like a real conversation and avoids classic “investor” jargon.

Excellent Podcast for Founders

Mike is a great interviewer who does a good job of letting his insightful guests share their wisdom. As a founder I appreciate the illuminating conversations. Keep up the great work!

Must subscribe for anyone in Tech/VC

Mike has build a solid knowledge library comprising of great guests, who provide invaluable insights into the world of consumer investing. Love the format. Anyone in tech/VC or aspiring to be in the consumer space, should listen to this podcast. A worthy gym companion!🎧

A Must Listen for Any Aspiring VC

As an MBA student, I get more out this podcast than I do most classes. This is the absolute best listen for those working to get a full understanding of the VC industry and the consumer space. I've learned about funds I wasn't aware of, fascinating companies and listen again before every internship interview to stay in the know. Really well done and thoughtfully produced. Highly recommend.

Killer podcast

Great to finally see a podcast dedicated to early stage consumer startups. Awesome investors discussing the companies that are leading the charge. Fantastic resource for both founders and VCs alike

Great Podcast Highly Recommend

Super insightful content from leading consumer VCs. The content covers current events and helps you learn more about how smart investors diligence opportunities

~Must Listen~

Mike’s episodes are always content rich and very relevant to a wide audience. This is my go-to source for insights and fresh ideas.

Incredible show!

Mike hosts an amazing array of VCs and founders on the show and I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about the world of venture capital, specifically early-stage consumer investing. Excellent show!

Outstanding and Helpful

Mike is incredibly impressive and hosts a variety of established members of the VC community. A must listen for any founder or venture capitalist (or aspiring venture capitalist)!

Great VC knowledge

Great listen for anyone looking to gain knowledge in the VC world - feel like I learn something new every episode!

Great show for any consumer founder

Mike does an awesome job sourcing guest and leads them down insightful conversation with plenty of great learning nuggets Thanks for the consistency

Extremely Helpful Pod

This podcast has been my go-to. The host does a nice job giving the speakers the time and freedom to share their thoughts. This is a great listen for B2C startup founders and other venture capitalists.

Amazing insight to the world of VC

Mike does a great job of finding the right guests from all corners of the Consumer VC landscape. The podcast provides insights into the perspectives of investors, founders and operators. Whether you’re any of the above learning from others in similar roles or looking for perspectives from another role, this is the place to do it! I look forward to Mike hosting his own round table/conference someday, bringing together everyone in the consumer VC community in a collaborative environment. Cheers to the early success and much more to come!