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The interviews are spectacular and on point. Great for anyone who wants to learn about tasing venture capital, entrepreneurship and direct to consumer brands. Hear from venture capital decision makers what they are looking for in founders.

Great podcast from Mike Gelb

Really enjoy each episode and the depth of discussion Mike brings with his guests. Favorite one so far was the one with Mike Ghaffary @ Canvas Ventures on the fundamentals of Online Marketplaces. Great content and excited to hear many more episodes!

Congratulations Mike Gelb

Very informative interviews on the B2C venture area, especially for an old-time B2B person. Keep up the good work.

Engaging, informative, and valuable

If you're into VC, the information here is of incalculable value. Even if you're not, you'll enjoy the host's engaging manner and the stories behind the successful startups and investors.

Great informative podcast

Mike does a great job interviewing B2C VCs and this has been really helpful to me as a founder. I appreciate the questions and transparency to help folks like me learn about early venture capital. I also enjoy learning about the consumer insights that some of Mike's guests are paying attention to.

Awesome podcast

You don’t have to be a VC to enjoy this excellent podcast. Just interested in business and what it takes to build a business. The topics are on point and the interviews are well structured and facilitated.

Excellent podcast

Great hosting and wonderful guests! This has helped me learn about early stage VC in consumer companies. I recommend to any founder of B2C company that wants to learn about fundraising

Not just a VC podcast!

In addition to providing some really cool and interesting information about the venture capital world, this podcast also has some valuable nuggets for those of us trying to start a company. Tons of knowledge and an awesome host make this a great listen!

Compelling and Informative

Great listen for those looking to learn more about venture capitalism and those who excel in it. Mike is an interesting and engaging host who brings good questions and ideas to the host!

Great interviews with interesting guests

This is a really engaging and accessible podcast. Mike does a great job getting interesting insights from a terrific lineup of guests — highly recommend!

Great podcast!

VC isn’t typically in my work wheelhouse, but I love learning about other topics. Mike does a great job of getting his guest to go deeper without turning off a newbie like me. I’m really looking forward to see who he brings on next!

Great listen

As someone who is interested and is new to the game of venture capitalism this podcast is an easy way to learn. Mike is fantastic, and brings energy to the podcast. as well as a deep source of information. The guests that are on the show have been great and share a lot of different ideas and new perspectives.

Excellent Podcast!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the guests and discussions on this podcast. I love the thoughtful questions asked and the interesting perspectives from different guests. The format is perfect too. As someone who is interested in the Consumer sector and Venture Capital world, it’s a perfect fit for my morning routine or commute. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in consumer venture or anyone who loves a good podcast!!

Great show

Mike is a great host, love this show!

The Angle Is Wonderful

Mike steers conversation towards the human behind the VC. I get a really strong sense of what makes his guests tick and how they assess investment opportunities beyond the typical analysis

A pod built for the consumer startup

Love the format and questions asked to the guests of this podcast, especially when they dig in on certain nuggets that can help consumer startups understand how VC’s are looking at early stage companies. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic Podcast!

This is truly an informative and insightful podcast. Mike’s well chosen guests bring to light various perspectives into how VCs think and operate. I’m in the beginning stages of starting a business and it is extremely helpful to hear the tips and advice from these knowledgeable investors.

Great listen!!

This podcast does an amazing job to help anyone interested in learning more about the consumer VC space. It takes the “elitist” segment and opens up the knowledge to everyone! Highly recommend. Mike Gelb also does a great job grabbing key insights from each guest!

Bottom line: This podcast is great!

This podcast is great! I’m a newcomer to the Venture Capitalist game and Mike does a great job of keeping the topic easily accessible as well as very informative. His guest choice has been very varied and diverse yet knowledgeable for sure. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Great education from insider for entrepreneurs or anyone interested

I listened to Mike's first and second poscast sessions and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in starting a business, seeking venture capital fund or curious about the industry.After all we are all in business school. The speakers are great and will give you good insight into what VCs look for in founders and companies. No matter your knowledge of the industry the talks are very well guided, easy to follow and very insightfull. proud of you Mike!

Excellent Interviews

Really enjoying this pod, and impressed by the quality of the interviews and the folks Mike has been interviewing. Definitely recommended!

Dive into the mind of a VC investor

The Consumer VC provides great insight into the mind of an investor. Mike asks compelling and relevant questions that are helpful for anyone starting a company or currently fundraising. I highly recommend this podcast!!!

Great Podcast

Super interesting content and conversations! Have been listening since the beginning and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Very insightful content!

I really enjoyed this podcast. It dive’s deep into the world of VC and does a great job of highlighting and discussing important topics in the the tech space. Looking forward to more episodes!

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast that I just subscribed to. Even though Mike has only released one full episode with Jay, the episode contained lots of valuable content helping me understand early-stage investing. Venture Capital has always been one of my interests and I also run my own b2c ecommerce business, so this content is very relevant.

Loving Mike's enthusiasm!

Venture capital is a subject that I don't know much about, but what I love about podcasts is that I can always explore new topics. There's only 1 episode so far but Mike interviewing Jay Kapoor made venture capital very digestible. Already a subscriber and looking forward to what's to come.