May 11, 2021 • 47M

Building a leading coffee creamer brand with no prior CPG experience and leveraging Amazon as a testing ground, with Madeline Haydon, founder/CEO of nutpods

The Consumer VC Episode 128 with Madeline Haydon at nutpods

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Mike Gelb
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Thank you Alison Ryu for the introduction to our guest today, Madeline Haydon. Madeline is Founder and CEO of nutpods. nut pods is a dairy-free half and half alternative made from almonds and MCT-rich coconuts in a convenient, easy to use coffee creamer.

What I most appreciated from this conversation was how open Madeline was about the beginning days of nutpods. She started the company with no prior CPG experience. She also took on a lot of risk and faced many hurdles. Despite these challenges, she was able to navigate nutpods to incredible heights.

Some of the questions I asked Madeline -

  1. What attracted you to the world of creamers and what was the insight that led you to founding nutpods?

    1. Walk me through the process of developing creamers in your kitchen to actually having commercial manufacturing

    2. How did you go about building your supply chain?

    3. What was your approach to distribution early on?

  2. When and why did you choose to raise capital?

    1. What was your approach to fundraising?

    2. What were some of the challenges / biggest hurdles you had to overcome?

    3. What are some of the differences fundraising from VCs vs. private equity groups?

  3. How did the pandemic change nutpods? Did you have to pivot your strategy, channel mix?

  4. What has been your approach to new distribution channels, partnerships and product extensions?

  5. When you take a look back at all of what you've accomplished with nut pods, what are some of the key reasons why you've been so successful?

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