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Chinese Crossover Brands & How C2M Has Changed eCommerce with Rui Ma

Chinese Crossover Brands & How C2M Has Changed eCommerce with Rui Ma

The Consumer VC episode 169 with Rui Ma, Founder of Tech Buzz China

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Hey there,

Our guest today is Rui Ma, who is the founder of Tech Buzz China and also works with several funds to identify tech investments in both the U.S. and China.

Tech Buzz China is a podcast and a community for those interested in China tech. I've been a fan of Tech Buzz China for a long time and learned so much about the eCommerce innovation that's happening in the east from Rui.

We discuss:

  • Why the focus in China has shifted from platforms to brands

  • The implications of the C2M model on eCommerce

  • How live streaming became a dominant advertising channel in China

  • The rise of Chinese crossover brands

  • The shift from OEMs to ODMs

I hope you all enjoy!

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