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How Her Daughter Inspired Her to Create a Cookie for Everyone with Denise Woodard, CEO of Partake Foods

How Her Daughter Inspired Her to Create a Cookie for Everyone with Denise Woodard, CEO of Partake Foods

The Consumer VC Episode 182 with Denise Woodard, Founder & CEO of Partake Foods

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Hey Friends,

Thank you Charlie Hanna for the introduction to our guest on The Consumer VC Podcast, Denise Woodard, Founder & CEO of Partake Foods.

Partake Foods produces super delicious cookies are made with real, healthy, and safe ingredients that everyone can enjoy. They are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and free of the top 14 allergens.

Personally, I’m a HUGE FAN of Partake Foods - I buy them every time I’m in the grocery store.

We discuss:

  • The inspiration behind starting Partake Foods

  • Leaving her high paying job at Coca-Cola

  • Managing with no venture capital in the early days

  • How she created the right formation and found the right manufacturer

  • Strategy for getting into retail

  • How she was able to raise money with no initial VC network

  • Adjusting through COVID

  • Getting into Trader Joe’s

  • What’s next?

I hope you all enjoy listening!

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