Aug 19, 2021 • 56M

Solving the Metabolic Health Crisis with Sam Corcos, CEO of Levels

The Consumer VC episode 158 with Sam Corcos, CEO of Levels

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Mike Gelb
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Hey there,

Our guest today is Sam Corcos, co-founder and CEO of Levels. Levels makes it easy for people to see how their diet is affecting their health and lifestyle in a quantifiable way using continuous glucose monitoring.

In previous episodes, we’ve discussed optimizing our sleep, exercise, and mental health. Here, we focus on measuring what we eat to learn what makes us healthier and happier.

We also unpack:

  • The current metabolic crisis

  • Why Sam started Levels with five co-founders

  • Approach to finding early adopters

  • How Sam organizes his days

  • Sam’s methodical approach to fundraising