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The state of A.I. // James Currier, Founder & General Partner of NFX

The state of A.I. // James Currier, Founder & General Partner of NFX

The Consumer VC episode #274 with James Currier, Founder & General Partner of NFX

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Hey Friends,

Our guest today is James Currier, Founder & General Partner of NFX. NFX is a VC firm investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups. Their investments include Triple Whale, YoEgg, Poshmark and Outdoorsy.

We focus this conversation primarily on investing in A.I. startups. We discuss:

  • The difference between how A.I. was viewed in the past and now

  • Which layer in the tech stack is the most investible opportunity within A.I.

  • Why the language layer may not be the most valuable

  • How much opportunity is there for startups vs. incumbents

  • How A.I. will change search and other use cases

  • His analysis of OpenAI & more

Thank you for listening

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The Consumer VC: Venture Capital I B2C Startups I Commerce | Early-Stage Investing
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