Sitemap - 2021 - The Consumer VC

How Diverse Populations Lead to Greater Opportunities with Nisha Dua, Co-Founder & GP at BBG Ventures

Are Seed Rounds Overpriced? w/ Ben Sun, GP at Primary Venture Partners

The Power of Billboards with Brett Thomas, Co-founder & General Partner at CAVU Venture Partners

Holiday Recap: Jeremy Cai, CEO of Italic

Holiday Recap: Mark Gainey, Founder of Strava

Holiday Recap: Andy Dunn, Founder of Bonobos

Holiday Recap: Alex Fine, CEO of Dame Products

How Her Daughter Inspired Her to Create a Cookie for Everyone with Denise Woodard, CEO of Partake Foods

Swimwear & Apparel designed for you with Lori Coulter, CEO of Summersalt

Changing Workwear for Women and Adapting through COVID with Sarah LaFleur, CEO of M.M.LaFleur

How he is Sciencing the S*** Out of Outdoor Apparel with Michael Markesbery, CEO of OROS

How he Created a Marketplace for Luxury Goods without the Brand Names with Jeremy Cai, Founder of Italic

Starting, scaling, selling...and then buying back your company with Jon Sebastiani, founder of Krave Jerky and Sonoma Brands Capital

Building an Eco-Friendly Empire with Stuart Landesberg, CEO of Grove Collaborative

Why LA is the best place to build in consumer with Carter Reum, co-founder of M13

Meetup #37 with Carlton Fowler, GP at Goat Rodeo Capital

Investing early in single product category companies vs. multiple with Will Schmitt from Miroma Ventures

The First Dentist You Want To Visit with Doug Hudson, Founder of Tend

Why Solo Female Founders are Overlooked, Investing Early in LATAM, and Getting the Pope on Twitter with Claire Díaz-Ortiz

Building Bonobos with Andy Dunn

Chinese Crossover Brands & How C2M Has Changed eCommerce with Rui Ma

The Consumer Goods Summit

Investing in Pet and Retail Strategy for Digitally Native Brands with Andrea Hippeau

Why Landlords Should Want Tech-Enabled Tenants with Kevin Campos, Partner at Fifth Wall

Building Harry's Portfolio of Brands with Gabby Etrog Cohen & Tehmina Haider

Investing in entertainment and celebrity co-founded brands with Neil Sequeira, Managing Director of Defy

Raising $281 million fund 2 and the evolution of New York's startup scene with Alexa von Tobel of Inspired Capital

Investing in DNVBs from a marketer's lens with Andrew Gluck

Web 3.0, Crypto, Culture and Investing in the Metaverse with Rex Woodbury

From Founding Two Public Companies to What's Next in Health with Allon Bloch

Amazon vs. Shopify rollups and which social platforms are winning creators over with Ali Hamed

Marketplaces 101 & Staying Price Disciplined At Series A with Paul Hsiao

Solving the Metabolic Health Crisis with Sam Corcos, CEO of Levels

The Future is Fintech with Ben Savage

Why Expectations in CPG Are Higher Than Ever with Katie Shea

Backing 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years: The mission of Henri Pierre-Jacques and Harlem Capital

Meetup #35 with Rachel ten Brink at 1:00pm PT on 8/10

How to improve your sleep with Harpreet Singh Rai, CEO of Oura

Meetup #34 with Claire Díaz-Ortiz at 1:30pm PT on 8/5

Having fun is serious business with Bri Kimmel

Shining a spotlight on female athletes with Haley Rosen

Meetup #33 with Teddie Townsend from Sawaya Partners at 1:30pm PT on 7/29

Scaling fast in cookware with Jordan Nathan, CEO of Caraway

Investing in kindness and scaling in Europe with Max Niederhofer

Investing in regulated industries and outside of Silicon Valley with Tige Savage

Why digitally native brands are heading into retail too early with Ernesto Schmitt

Are we in a dehydration crisis?

The Human Needs Economy with Heather Hartnett

Measuring brand efficiency vs. operating efficiency with Megan Bent at Harbinger Ventures

The hard things about hardware with Tyler Mincey

The secrets to scaling a perfume subscription business with Rachel ten Brink

Sportstech, telehealth and the future of media with Brian Reilly

Giving back to earth with your final resting place with Sandy Gibson

Rollin' rollin' rollin' funds with Ben Zises

How to break into venture capital with John Gannon

Developing the most sustainable seafood with Justin Kolbeck, CEO of Wild Type

Building the ultimate running shoe with Steven Sashen, co-founder of Xero Shoes

Creating the leading bedding essentials brand with Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute

Building THE professional network for women leaders with Lindsay Kaplan, co-founder of Chief

Martha Stewart, New York and the creator economy with Kate Shillo Beardsley, Partner at Hannah Grey

Building a community for bikers and runners with Mark Gainey, founder of Strava

Optimizing sleep for better performance with Matteo Franceschetti, CEO of Eight Sleep

Helping kids learn by building a direct to family education marketplace with Amir Nathoo, founder/CEO of Outschool

Building a leading coffee creamer brand with no prior CPG experience and leveraging Amazon as a testing ground, with Madeline Haydon, founder/CEO of nutpods

The Arbitrage Opportunity of her Lifetime, and Managing a Global Venture Fund with Elizabeth Galbut, GP at SoGal Ventures

Prime-Deal: Buying up Amazon FBA Businesses

From Skincare to SaaS with Dan Reich

[CVC Update 2] - The podcast wars, EU laws that could disrupt plant-based alternatives, & more

[CVC Episode 125] - What U.S. investors can learn from China's consumer internet with Robin Li

[CVC Events] - #1 Come meet some of the top startups in The Netherlands, #2 Upstream Event on Friday

[CVC Episode #124] - Teaching emotional life skills to children through creatures and story telling with Callie Christensen and Kelly Oriard, founders of Slumberkins

[CVC Update 1] - The battle for audio, the Amazon of South Korea and getting brand community right

[CVC Episode 123] - Healthcare direct to patient with Andrew Dudum, Founder/CEO of hims & hers

[CVC Episode 122] - Building the world's largest community of sports card collectors with Eric Doty, CEO of Loupe

[CVC Episode 121] - How demographic changes lead to opportunity with Monique Woodard, General Partner at Cake Ventures

[CVC Episode #120] - Concentrated portfolio strategy and building on top of Zoom with Sara Deshpande, Partner at Maven Ventures

[CVC Episode 119] - Finding simplicity while building a multi-category essentials business with Morgan Hirsh, CEO of Public Goods

[CVC Episode #118] - Destigmatizing Sexual Wellness and Closing The Pleasure Gap with Alexandra Fine, CEO of Dame Products

Alexandra Fine (Dame Products) - Normalizing Sexual Wellness and Self Care Products

Amanda Goetz on Upstream, CITYROW and Unorthodox Ventures

Upstream Events, Cookie Dough & Cocktails