Sitemap - 2022 - The Consumer VC

Creating an ads business out of water // Josh Cliffords, Founder & CEO of FreeWater

How He Bootstrapped a Wipes Company to $90 Million // Sean Riley, Co-Founder & CEO of DUDE Wipes

Investing in Consumer vs. Tech // Sarah Foley, Partner at SWAT Equity Partners

Inside Mondelēz's Innovation Hub // Brigette Wolf, Global Head of SnackFutures at Mondelēz

The future of food // Ashley Hartman, Managing Partner of Bluestein Ventures

Why building & investing in hardware is overlooked // Vijen Patel, Co-Founder of The 81 Collection and Pressbox

Leaving Outdoor Voices & How Consumer Brands Can Leverage Crypto // Ty Haney, Founder of Outdoor Voices, TYB and Joggy

Performance Marketing & DTC // Jesse Pujji, Founder of Gateway X

Why he left PE to start a VC fund that invests in minority-led businesses // Marcos Gonzalez, Founder & Managing Partner of VamosVentures

Why He's Optimistic About Innovation in America // Steve Case, Co-Founder of AOL, Revolution, and Rise of the Rest

Want to do what I’ve done?

Why he left tech to start a wine company // Joe Welch, CEO of In Good Taste

The Current State of NFTs & Which Web2 media Platform is Best Positioned for Web3? // Wayne Hu & Josh Constine, SignalFire

Lady Gaga's Global Beauty Brand // Ben Jones, CEO of Haus Labs by Lady Gaga

How She's Building a Next Generation Food Company // Katlin Smith, CEO of Simple Mills

Israel, Media, and the Metaverse // Eze Vidra, Managing Partner of Remagine Ventures

Building a community rather than an audience // Abraham Shafi, CEO of IRL

Building a brand with a product you can't see - contact lenses // Ashleigh Hinde, CEO of Waldo

The state of pre-seed & seed investing // Michael Hirshland, Co-Founder of Resolute Ventures

A 90-year old bake shop turns into a packaged goods powerhouse // Michael Senackerib, CEO of Dewey's Bakery

Building the smart AC Unit that's eye candy for your window // Mike Mayer, Co-Founder of Windmill

Creating Cheese Without the Cow // Matt Gibson, CEO of New Culture

How he's Scaling Shay Mitchell's Tequila Seltzer Brand // Noah Gray, CEO of Onda

How desires lead to opportunities // Brent Vartan, General Partner at Bullish

How to invest in beauty & personal care brands // Cristina Nuñez, General Partner of True Beauty Ventures

From cooking school to sauce brand // Alison Cayne, Founder of Haven's Kitchen

How he founded one of the most successful venture capital firms in history // Chuck Newhall, Co-Founder of NEA

How he's investing in outsiders // Nick Moran, General Partner at New Stack Ventures

Investing in sustainability // Sita Chantramonklasri, General Partner of Siam Capital

How do premium brands receive mass adoption? // Clément Pointillart, Executive Director at Verlinvest

Why he's creating food for the brain // Jonathan Wolfson, co-CEO of Brainiac Foods

The differences between European and U.S. startups // Susan Lin, Partner at Felix Capital

The New Creator Economy // Ollie Forsyth, Head of Platform at Antler

Why the midwest is the perfect place to build a consumer business // Mike Asem, Founding Partner of M25

How he's changing cooking oil for the better // Jeff Nobbs, CEO of Zero Acre Farms

How to Exit Right // Mark Achler, Managing Director of MATH Venture Partners

Why she started a house swap network // Justine Palefsky, CEO of Kindred

Why he started a psychedelic therapy company // Juan Pablo Cappello, CEO of Nue Life

Why brands could be great investments for family offices // Luke Vernon, Managing Partner of Ridgeline Ventures

How he's Changing Pet Care // Joe Spector, CEO of Dutch

The Empowerment Economy // Brian O'Malley, Managing Partner at Forerunner Ventures

How they became the #1 clean energy drink // John Timar, CEO of Kill Cliff

How he started a brain brand // Patrick Schwarzenegger, CEO of Mosh

Why he founded a sparkling water brand // Paul Voge, CEO of Aura Bora

How Brands Can Leverage Web3 to Build Community // Matt Nichols, General Partner of Commerce Ventures

How they are making food products better for the planet & for you // Seth Goldman & Chef Spike Mendelsohn, founders of Eat the Change and PLNT Burger

How she created a cauliflower pizza movement // Amy Lacey, Founder of Cali'flour Foods

How she built Whole30 // Melissa Urban, Founder of Whole30

The evolution of consumer investing // Jordan Gaspar, Managing Partner of AF Ventures

Wake Up Consumer VC Meetup #5 in Los Angeles with Clearco

How he's leveraging content to build a chocolate brand // Nick Saltarelli, Co-founder of Mid-Day Squares

How to invest in brands that can appeal to the early majority // Michael Duda, Managing Partner at Bullish

The difference building consumer tech in emerging markets vs. the U.S. // Sumi Das, Partner at CapitalG

What new consumer technology will the west adopt from Asia and do companies create new markets? // Nuno Gonçalves Pedro, General Partner at Chamaeleon

How to Invest in Deep Tech B2C Companies // Bilal Zuberi, Partner at Lux Capital

How to Build Brands Through Storytelling // Jeff Cantalupo and Brentos Fernandez at Listen Ventures

How She Created a New Finance Category to Help eCommerce Brands Scale // Michele Romanow, CEO of Clearco

Wake Up Consumer VC Meetup #4 in Los Angeles with Clearco

How He Leveraged Twitter To Raise a Fund & Help Founders // Mac the VC, Founder of RareBreed Ventures

Why He's Buying Mom & Pop Amazon Businesses // Michael Ronen, Co-Founder of Branded

Is There a Divide Within Better-For-You? // with Jason Karp, CEO of HumanCo

Wake Up Consumer VC Meetup #3 in Los Angeles with Clearco

Why she wants make it simple for parents to invest in their kids with Ksenia Yudina, Founder/CEO of UNest

How one visit to pick up a prescription led to creating a new type of pharmacy w/ Eric Kinariwala Founder/CEO of Capsule

Wake Up Consumer VC Meetup in Los Angeles with Clearco

How He Built A Brand Based off of His Lifestyle with Joe Kudla, Founder/CEO of Vuori

How He's Building a New Food Category For Kids with John Foraker, Co-Founder & CEO of Once Upon A Farm

Why Pernod Ricard is Investing in Consumer Tech with Brandon Yahn Co-founder of Convivialité Ventures

How He's Building The Next Billion Dollar Fitness Machine with Avrum Elmakis, Founder/CEO of CLMBR

How She Turned Her Love of Scents into a Leading Candle Brand with Abigail Cook Stone, Founder & CEO Otherland

How SoftBank Vision Fund Invests in Consumer with Nagraj Kashyap, Managing Partner at SoftBank Vision Fund

How Consumer Brands are winning Web3 with Jessica Peltz-Zatulove, GP at Hannah Grey

What's next after the iPhone with Mike Ghaffary, General Partner at Canvas Ventures

Wake Up Consumer VC Meetup in Los Angeles with Clearco

Helping You Buy Your First Home with All-Cash Offers with Tushar Garg, CEO of Flyhomes

The Evolution of the Natural Foods Movement with Stephen Hughes, co-founder & GP at Sunrise Strategic Partners